49 Funny Memes Especially for Nursing Students

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Nursing school is a very unique time in your life. It can be frustrating, hard and stressful. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and your fellow classmates. Laughter will help release stress and it will uplift your mood. Here are a group of 49 Memes Especially for Nursing Students. Whether you are a first-semester nursing student, a final semester nursing student or already a nurse you can relate to these memes. Enjoy!

1. First Code

2. Orientation can be more confusing than nursing school!

49 Memes for Nursing Students

3. How do they know?

4. Bad Boss!

5. Those Big Med/Surg Books!

6. Cardiovascular lectures can seem neverending.

7. Thoughts can relieve stress!

8. Confused yet?

9. Those care plans……..

10. Dizzying intellect!

11. Yes and that is AM!

12. Yea! That’s gonna happen!

13. Everything?

49 Memes for Nursing Students


14. Ungroup!

15. Gotta love the group projects.

16. Good advice.

17. Don’t be mean.

18. Poker face.

19. Live dangerously!

20. The lecture is over!

21. Read before class.

22. Nursing school notes.

23. Nursing school will end!

24. You will be waking up with the……….

25. Oprah is the instructor!

26. Next stop NCLEX.

27. The long pharmacology exam.

28. Time can get away from you.

29. Raise your hand.

30. Words to make you forget everything.

31. Select all that apply!

32. Everyone is watching you in sim lab.

33. Nursing exams are not personal.

34. Nursing school may not be for you!

35. Most units have one.

36. You would never laugh at your instructor!

37. Too late to turn back.

38. Run, nursing student, run!

39. The last time…..

40. Your friends will be fine without you.

41. The best sleep in nursing school!

42. Your supportive boss! Yea right!

43. That cling-on friend……

44. It’s a different world!

45. Run before they realize!

46. Fluid and electrolyte lecture.

47. Booklist.

48. First IV strut.

49. Everything looks different on the final clinical day!

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