10 Productivity Apps for Nursing Students

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Apps are a wonderful resource for nursing students to help with productivity. There are many apps for diagnosis, lab values, and medications that are very helpful for clinicals and patient care. There are also many apps to help students with the day to day requirements of classes and studying, some of which you may not have considered.

Apps can give nursing students help with research, writing papers, group projects, and working in study groups. Some apps can also give students additional storage that is available on all their devices. Most students take there phones, ipads or laptops with them everywhere they go. These apps listed below can be used to help a nursing student become more productive.


Dropbox is a cloud storage app in which the user can work online or offline. This app syncs across all devices. Nursing students can upload photos, files, document, and notes. Students can assess their information from any device. Therefore, you never have to worry about forgetting the exact thing you wanted to bring with you.
(Free, iOS, Android)


Evernote is a great note-taking app. A student can use the app to upload pictures, videos, and audio. Additionally, students can also use Evernote clipper to clip items while browsing the Internet. Evernote can be used for list and to store important information you want to remember. This app can be synced across all devices also.
(Free, iOS, Android)


Have you ever spent time searching the Internet for resources or articles to use? You may find lots of great things but when you need them you can’t find them again. Pocket is an app formally known as “Read It Later” in which you can save articles, web pages, videos, and pictures. No more writing down URLs or trying to remembers websites. This app can be used in conjunction with your web browser.
(Free, iOS, Android)

Google Drive

Google Drive is another cloud storage service. It is a file sharing app in which users can upload and download files or work on them collaboratively. This app would be great for a shared nursing project. Nursing students can view, share, and edit the same document. Since everyone is working on the same document you don’t have to wonder which version is the most recent. Any file or folder can be shared with others or kept private.
(Free, iOS, Android)


OneNote is a notetaking app with cloud storage. This app has the same collaborative features as Google Drive. OneNote is a great app for a student nurse study group in which the information is divided among the members. Therefore, each student can upload their portion of the assignment giving each student access to all the notes. (Free, iOS, Android)

Google Keep

For those of you who like the post-it note, Google Keep is the phone version. You can use it to write notes or tasks. This is, therefore, a great app for nursing students who like to-do and task lists. The post-it note can be pinned to the screen and it stays as a reminder until the task is done or deleted.
(Free, iOS, Android)


The app iPassword is for password management. While in nursing school a student has a lot of passwords to remember, like for ebook websites, online resources, and passwords for computer charting to name a few. With iPassword, you can keep all your passwords securely on your phone in one place. No more forgetting or searching for passwords.
(Free, iOS, Android)


Scanbot essentially turns your phone into a scanner. This is a great app for exchanging notes. You can scan one page or multiple pages. Scanbot also has cloud integration with some of the apps above like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote.
(Free, iOS, Android)

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is an annotation app that can be used to view pdf documents. Also, nursing students can make notes and even highlight the document. Students can download documents from their email and from the web.
(Free iOS, Android)


Finally, the Forest app uses the Pomodoro technique to keep you from spending more time on social media and checking emails during your study session than studying. You just set the timer for the amount of time you want to work and put your phone down. As you work the trees grow. If a student gets sidetracked with their phone the trees die. The goal is to grow a Forest. The best part is you have a way to look back and see how productive you have been.
(Free, iOS, Android)

Students can use most of these apps with Chrome and on the desktop or laptop. Hence, mobile apps for nursing students are just one way of helping a student be more organized and productive.

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